Are you looking for high occupancy without high OTA commission?

Direct Bookings Booster

Digital Marketing for Hotels and Luxury Boutique Accommodation

Perfect for Luxury and Boutique Hotels, Luxury Suites, Cabins and Glamping Accommodation that

  • Are one of a kind
  • Offer a unique guest experience
  • Provide the highest level of service and stay to sophisticated clientele

Direct Bookings Booster

Over the next 30 days…


My team will re-engage your previous guests, deliver unique and proven strategies which will motivate your key audience and leverage them to find a new audience. We’ll use a combination of digital ads and email marketing.


You will continue to provide a 5 star guest experience, in high standard accommodation. Support the advertising by setting a revenue goal and use our proven formula to set an effective ad budget.


We’ll work together to streamline the digital experience through consistent communications across all channels, nurture your past guests with relevant content, and accelerate your reviews.

What’s included?

Email Re-Engagement

Email series delivered to your most valuable audience promoting the offers and generating website visits.


Served to website visitors highlighting the offer / offers they are most interested in.

Digital Ads

Engaging your most valuable audience, previous guests with target ads to reactivate and motivate to re-book.

Email Series

Boost retention and scale positive reviews: Nurture your recent guests with an engaging email series that prompts google reviews.

For a limited time you’ll also receive

Social Media Content Assessment

Overview of your social media platforms and review content, performance and your audience. We’ll also provide a competitor analysis to show you where you fit in the market. $450 Value.

Organic Social Media Video Training

 6 Module step by step video training for your and your team on how to create captivating social media content, streamline content production and get real engagement from your fans. $800 value

Two Search Engine Optimised Blog Posts

Keyword targeted blog posts designed to get your ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. Catered to your best performing organic search keywords. $1200 value.

Direct Bookings Booster is right for you if…

Your base room rate is more than $500 per night

You have a minimum of 4.2 stars on Google Reviews

You have more than 1000 previous guests in your database

You’re ready to invest in a proven digital marketing system

You want a win-win relationship with your digital agency

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NOTE: Direct Bookings Growth Assessment spots are extremely limited! Because we spend most of our week working with our existing clients, we can only take on 2 direct bookings growth assessments per month.

Here’s what to expect during your growth assessment:

  • Review your past guest data
  • Analyse your website traffic
  • Assess previous digital ads campaigns
  • Let you know if you qualify for this proven system

Here's what happens once you click the "Schedule" button:

  1. Schedule: Select a convenient time for our video call
  2. Information: Provide details of your digital marketing
  3. Grant Access: 'Read only' access to your ads & analytics
  4. Video Call: We'll present our report & discuss performance


We have used Todd and Alex in many different capacities over a period of more than 2 years now. They are innovative, honest, hard working, and have a ‘can do’ attitude that makes working with them an absolute pleasure.  This has been highlighted over the past months of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Going into an unpredictable retail climate they were quick to adapt, and have achieved outstanding results with an excellent return on ad spend. They are also very generous with their knowledge, and are quick to step in and help in areas of our business that they are not responsible for. We cannot recommend highly enough.

Tamara Ryan

Director / Co-Founder

Have used Fletch Digital for our social media marketing and community management for over four years and highly recommend Todd, Alex and the team. They are experts in their field, and genuinely care about the client and their brand. They are responsive when you need them, always prepared with content that compliments the brand positioning and overall strategy, and provide valuable insights into performance and how to optimise further.

If you need social media strategy, and/or execution of strategy, and community management – Fletch Digital are the team.

Robert Bush

Marketing Manager

Meet Fletch Digital

For over 10 of years, we’ve helped service, hospitality and ecommerce businesses thrive in their digital marketing. 

We’ve driven measurable results for over 2 years for destination and accommodation clients just like you. We’ve worked with brands like Ingenia Holiday Parks, Green Homes Australia, and Dexus (AMP Capital). We've provided corporate training and workshops and spoken at conferences on social media and digital marketing. Our results are very good: Increased conversions by over 200%, reduced cost per conversion by 500%.

We're husband and wife and we love to travel. Whether it's within Australia, across the Tasman, an island in the Pacific or even further - we're always planning our next trip (or three).

We've worked with

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Answers to Your Questions

What ad budget is right for you?

To get the best value out of our service allowing for an ad budget of $1500 to $2000 per month (billed directly to you by Facebook and Google).

When will we see positive ROI?

Typical clients will see a positive return on their investment between 1 to 3 months. The first month involves testing the audiences and ad creative that enables us to optimise for better ROI and scale.

Can we contribute to the creative content?

Yes! Our service includes copywriting, image and video edits of your existing content but we can also adapt your existing creative for social media ads. We also include a review and a round of changes for our creative.

Why should I hire an agency for Digital vs doing it in-house?

Yes, you can run Facebook and Google Ads, write email newsletters every month in-house but for less than the cost of one employee you get a team of specialists in strategy, digital ads, copywriting, visual communication who are primed to get you results.

Why is this a monthly service?

Digital Marketing ads and Email Direct Marketing are not set and forget. Audiences change, content changes and the ad market changes we’re constantly testing and refining to ensure optimal performance. This includes monitoring your ads, measuring costs and tweaking the campaign structure audience and creative to ensure we’re getting the best value ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and hitting your KPIs.

Do you run one off campaigns?

We do offer one off project or special event digital advertising and we can customise our service to suit your needs. Contact us for a quote.

Does organic social media content help paid ads performance?

Yes, yes,YES! It helps in SO many ways!! Targeting ads to people who engage with you on social media is a highly valuable audience that requires specific messaging, tapping into that can supercharge your paid ads ROI. Your organic social is like a testing ground for your content and products, we analyse what people responded to on your feed and we use that in paid ads. It’s so much more than vanity metrics, each like, comment and share is a signal that you have reached your audience and motivated them to interact. Paid ads is where you can turn that interaction into ROI.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Schedule your FREE Direct Bookings Growth Assessment

Limited Availability

NOTE: Direct Bookings Growth Assessment spots are extremely limited! Because we spend most of our week working with our existing clients, we can only take on 2 direct bookings growth assessments per month.


Leveraging advanced targeting strategies coupled with effective creative and copywriting I can help you achieve your digital advertising goals.

Todd Austin

Co-Founder / Digital Marketing Strategist, Fletch Digital