Organic Social

Strategy, Content & Management

Create meaningful connections and foster engagement through organic social media.

Who is this service for?

A business or brand that needs to connect with its audience and build meaningful engagement on social media. We work with clients in travel, retail, corporate and finance.

Do you need?

  • To be on social but don’t know where to start
  • More time or resources to keep up on social media
  • Help with communicating on social
  • Engaging content that makes an impact
  • To compete in a competitive area on social

How we do it


To discuss your product and customer.



Current social media channels, website and competitors.



Creative strategy including content pillars, copy and image style.


Your content calendar, content schedule, and lots of content.



Your done-for-you content goes LIVE.


We continually review and refine your content performance and adapt.


Monthly performance report and video meeting to review.


Awesome engagement, more followers, and meaningful connections.

What’s Included

  • Copywriting
  • Content Calendar
  • Content production from your existing image/video library
  • Strategy – ‘The Fletch Method’
  • Ongoing management and optimisation
  • Clear communication of performance and refinements 
  • Monthly reporting

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We have used Todd and Alex in many different capacities over a period of more than 2 years now. They are innovative, honest, hard working, and have a ‘can do’ attitude that makes working with them an absolute pleasure.  This has been highlighted over the past months of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Going into an unpredictable retail climate they were quick to adapt, and have achieved outstanding results with an excellent return on ad spend. They are also very generous with their knowledge, and are quick to step in and help in areas of our business that they are not responsible for. We cannot recommend highly enough.

Tamara Ryan

Director / Co-Founder, Sassind Melbourne (Fashion E-commerce)

What’s Included

  • Copywriting
  • Content calendar
  • Content production from your existing image/video library
  • Organic strategy – ‘The Fletch Method’
  • Ongoing management and optimisation
  • Clear communication of performance and refinements 
  • Monthly reporting

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Pricing Options

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Answers to Your Questions

What package is right for you?

Balancing your budget with how present you need/want to be can be challenging. We generally recommend our mid-level package to gain traction and build growth. Our base package is perfect for maintaining a presence while working within a smaller budget.

When will we see positive ROI?

Organic social media is positioned at the top of the marketing funnel as an important part of the Awareness phase. Knowing what to measure is the key and with organic social, we measure impressions, reach, engagement, and website traffic. We can quantify your investment as part of an awareness campaign however if you are looking for immediate dollar returns then we recommend our Meta Ads of Google Ads service.

Can we contribute to the creative content?

Yes! Our service includes copywriting, image and video edits of your existing content but we can also adapt your existing creative for social media. We also include a review and one round of changes for our creative.

Why should we hire an agency for this vs doing it in-house?

Yes, you can run this in-house but for less than the cost of one employee you get a team of specialists in strategy, copywriting, visual communication who are primed to get you results.

Why is this a monthly service?

Organic social media is a long-term strategy. Audiences change and we adapt our strategy and contentover time we learn from how your audience behaves and refine to ensure optimal performance.

Do you provide one off strategies?

Yes, we do! If you need a strategy and guidance on what and how to post your own content we have our Strategy Only service. We can also provide mentoring that includes email support and monthly coaching sessions. Contact us for a quote.

Does organic social media content help paid ads performance?

Yes, yes,YES! It helps in SO many ways!! Targeting ads to people who engage with you on social media is a highly valuable audience that requires specific messaging, tapping into that can supercharge your paid ads ROI. Your organic social is like a testing ground for your content and products, we analyse what people responded to on your feed and we use that in paid ads. It’s so much more than vanity metrics, each like, comment and share is a signal that you have reached your audience and motivated them to interact. Paid ads is where you can turn that interaction into ROI.

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Leveraging advanced targeting strategies coupled with effective creative and copywriting I can help you achieve your digital advertising goals.

Todd Austin

Co-Founder / Digital Marketing Strategist, Fletch Digital