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Variety of content is the key to a good social plan.

Not just variety in post topic but variety in post type. We recently had some interesting results for a new client that touch on this.

Not just variety in post topic but variety in post type.

The first post we’re looking at, is a Realestate.com.au article share. An article discussing the ever-hot Sydney property market and where to find growth. The combination of an interesting article including simple copy that complimented well, we have a very clickable post.

Social Content Variety Post Reach - realestate.com.au

This had very few likes but exceptional reach of 990! A substantial achievement for an organic post on a page with less than 100 Likes. This huge reach was due to 9 link clicks.

The result is good flow on reach for the posts following.

Social Content Variety Post Reach - Post Results

If we take a look at the following two posts, they achieved very good reach and engagement. The first, a meme related to the industry (two days later.) The next was a promotional post (four days later) linking to our clients website, directly brand related discussing services which drove 7 link clicks back to their website!

Social Content Variety Post Reach - Website Link

These are promising numbers on simple content. When organic content curation is encouraged results come with it. Variety is the key – in post content and post type.

How has your variety worked for you? Let us know in the comments.

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