Who are you, when you’re not you?

So often we talk about authenticity on social media, and especially on the picture perfect ‘gram. We [The Royal We – alllll of us] know that we connect on social media via the ever elusive meaningful interactions.

But when we talk about authenticity, about genuinely sharing ourselves without throwing on the rose coloured glasses, we often don’t talk about the fact that to share our authentic selves, might not be to share one authentic self.

Confused? I got ‘chu, read on. What I mean is, we’re not just Todd and Alex from Fletch Digital. We have different mirrors to our identities.

Todd’s also Todd from Good Social Podcast where his goal is to share the good that comes from social media, and that identity is an expansion of who he is at Fletch Digital, BUT he’s also Uncle Todd-y and Uncle Todd-y’s biggest fans do not care one iota about social media. They care about their fun Uncle who does “upside DOWN” and who is a soft touch for hide-and-seek, reading books, anything kids find super fun and adults find monotonous. ?

And Alex? She’s Aunty Alex, mostly going without the Aunty part though because we’re casual about titles ’round these parts, and guys? Don’t be alarmed, but you’re in the presence of true greatness, because she’s the *actual* Tooth Fairy. Well, she is to one special little girl, and quite honestly the wonder in her voice when we chat on the phone about her newly lost tooth is worth more than any dollar.

So for us to be truly authentic

We should tell you that when we’re with them, we don’t care about reach and engagement. And that’s good for us, because a lot of the time we do care oh-so-much about reach and engagement. And THOSE identities are just another small percentage of who we are; we’re human beings who experience and and engage and respond to things around us, we just don’t fit into preset boxes.


Don’t get caught up in oversharing, and comforting yourself with the knowledge that you’re being authentic. Remember to always ask yourself, does this bring value to my audience?

And to bring it all back to social media; we’re all more than one bit of our lives, and that’s what authenticity is all about.